Pokopalisce Cemetery Slavina Map 1024 – 768

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Slavina cemetery, near Postojna

Slavina cemetery, near Postojna

5 comments on “Pokopalisce Cemetery Slavina Map 1024 – 768
  1. Hola soy argentino ,estoy buscando informacion de Benedik.Tienen planos de los cementerios de Celca,kranj,Strazisec,Bukovseica.

    La pagina es excelente tiene mucha información que nos sirve de mucha utilidad a los que buscamos datos de nuestros ancestros

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr. Ramon Benedetich (Benedetič in Slovene),
      Thank you for visiting our web page. We will try to update our web page as often we could so that people could find some useful information.
      As I understand you are looking your ancestors that lived in Bukovščica and are in cemetery Selca (both places are just 30 minutes from our home:
      My wife and I are doing family history genealogy research for people (so far) from North America. However, I know that there is also big population “Slovene” people who live in South America. Many of them were forced to live their homes after word war II.

      If you would like that we start doing some research for you please send us some information regarding your ancestors. If you have any documents such as Birth Document, etc or some old pictures please send us on our mail (ivanmajc@gmail.com, majc_rosana@hotmail.com,)and we will send you our “fee cost” for our work.

      Ivan and Rosana

      Querido Sr. Ramon Benedetich (Benedetic en esloveno),
      Gracias por visitar a nuestra página web. Trataremos de poner al día nuestra página web como a menudo nosotros podríamos de modo que la gente pudiera encontrar alguna información útil.
      Como entiendo que usted mira a sus antepasados que vivieron en Bukovscica y están en el cementerio Selca (ambos sitios están solamente(justo) 30 minutos de nuestra casa:
      Mi esposa y yo hacemos la investigación de genealogía de historia de familia para la gente (hasta ahora) de Norteamérica. Sin embargo, sé que hay también la gente “de esloveno” grande demográfica que vive en Sur Americe. Forzaron muchos de ellos a vivir sus casas después de la guerra de palabra II.

      Si le gustara esto comenzamos a hacer por alguna investigación por usted por favor envíenos alguna información en cuanto a sus antepasados. Si usted tiene cualquier documento como el Documento de Nacimiento, etc. o algunos viejos cuadros por favor envíenos sobre nuestro correo y nosotros le enviaremos nuestro ” el coste de honorarios ” para nuestro trabajo. (ivanmajc@gmail.com, majc_rosana@hotmail.com,)

      Ivan y Rosana

      • admin says:

        Dear Mr. Ramon,
        I didn’t get any reply from you? Are you still interested in doing genealogy research in Slovenia? Please let me know how could we help.
        Ivan Majc

  2. Gwen Williams says:

    I am looking for my great grandmother’s family. She was born in 1878 in a village called Marindol in Slovenia. Her name was Marija Bunjevac. I believe she was Serbian. She maried a man name Paul Cavich and they immigrated to America sometime between 1895 -1899. I know she was in America by 1899 because she gave birth to my grandmother in 1899. I would also like to find information about my great grandfather and his family. Paul Cavich, was his name. I have heard he was older than Marija but I have no other information about him. It was an arranged marriage. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Dear Mrs. Williams
      First I need to apologize for being so late with our reply. There is no excuse for that.
      However, if you are still interested for research let me know. Marindol is very small village in Slovenia. But as you’ve said last name is “original” from Serbia but more we could found out after visit Marindol parish and check the books there. Let me know your decision and then will see how we will deal with that.
      Sincerely, Ivan
      P.S. maybe you should send me mail ALSO on ivanmajc@gmail.com

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