Genealogy in Slovenia

Working in Ljutomer - Main Street

18. October 1954, Ljutomer – SLOVENIA, Working on Main Street
(Front – Ivan Majc Sr. in the middle)

Greetings to all of you who are trying to find your ancestors!

It is interesting that we are, when we are young, in most cases worried more or less just about ourselves. Everything else seems to be so far far away. Whatever is “old” it seems as an another horizon which is a million light-years away. But not everybody thinks like that.

And there are those who have great interest in “old” style or in old people – our ancestors. There are those who ask themselves: “Where did I come from? Why we are here on the Earth? And what happens to us when we die?  We believe that every human being at some point ask him selves the following: “Where did my parents come from? Who are my ancestors? Who are my great parents, uncles and aunts, or great-great parents? How back can I trace my roots? Do I have any relatives around the world that ask themselves the same questions? Do I have any relatives and ancestors in Europe (in which country), South America, etc. The answer is very plain. Yes you do have relatives somewhere in EU. Yes you do have ancestors buried at some old historic cemeteries. And now is the time for you and your family to start searching through old black&white family photos. And that is the first step. Through all your next steps we are here to help you find your ancestors, your great parents or great great parents. While reading this if you felt “chicken skin” then you are excited as we are too.

So we are here to help to find your ancestor. And now you will say “Why should we ask you to do genealogy research for us?” Well because do not just “do” genealogy but we do The Genealogy like no one else. You don’t believe us, well all you need is to check our page and contact us by mail.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Rosana & Ivan Majc